Camp Tamarac – SGT Carlton A. Clark Veterans Center

August 9, 2024


August 11, 2024

3:00 PM


1:00 PM

12801 State Rt. 30, Malone, NY 12953

Join us for our inaugural retreat on our newly acquired 110-acre property, the future site of the SGT Carlton A. Clark Veterans Center. This retreat will feature tent accommodations, embracing the beauty of simplicity and community. You must be comfortable with shared living quarters. We will provide gender-segregated quarters and rustic bathrooms. By transitioning to communal, rustic accommodations, we aim to deepen our connections with each other and with nature. This change reflects our commitment to fostering a strong, supportive community and delivering an authentic retreat experience. We appreciate the adaptability and openness of our veterans as we make this shift from our previous arrangements. Rest assured, we are dedicated to creating a comfortable and respectful environment for everyone.