Linkage and Transportation

“Linkage and transportation are the vital threads that connect veterans to a tapestry of support, ensuring that no one is left stranded on their journey to healing.”

At Homeward Bound Adirondacks, we recognize that identifying the right service or resource is only part of the solution. Ensuring veterans can seamlessly access and utilize these services is equally paramount. Our linkage initiative involves a coordinated approach where we not only connect veterans to relevant services but also actively collaborate with these service providers. This ensures a streamlined handover and integration process, reducing administrative hurdles and wait times for the veterans.

Furthermore, we understand that transportation can be a significant barrier for many veterans, especially in accessing timely care or attending essential appointments. To address this, we’ve implemented a dedicated transportation service. Whether it’s a medical appointment, therapy session, job interview, or any other essential engagement, our transportation team ensures veterans reach their destinations safely and punctually. By removing these logistical barriers, we ensure that veterans can focus on what’s truly important: their healing and well-being, without the added stress of navigation and commute