Screenings and Assessments

“Screenings and assessments are the silent sentinels in the fight, offering early detection and a map for the journey of recovery, ensuring no veteran has to walk the path of healing unguided.”

At Homeward Bound Adirondacks, we recognize that every veteran’s experience, challenges, and needs are unique. Our screening and assessments are pivotal in ensuring that the services we provide are not generic but rather are precisely tailored to meet these individualized needs.

The screening process is our first point of contact, allowing us to quickly identify any immediate challenges or risks a veteran might be facing. This could range from urgent mental health concerns to immediate logistical or physical needs. By swiftly pinpointing these issues, we can provide prompt interventions, ensuring that no time is wasted in addressing pressing concerns.

Following the initial screening, a more comprehensive assessment is conducted. This involves a deeper exploration into the veteran’s medical, psychological, social, and vocational history. We gather information about their past experiences, current challenges, strengths, aspirations, and goals. This thorough evaluation allows us to create a detailed profile of the individual.

Armed with this in-depth knowledge, we can then tailor our services with precision. If a veteran, for instance, is grappling with trauma, we can connect them with specialized trauma therapy. If they express an interest in re-entering the workforce, we can guide them towards vocational training and mentoring. The goal is to ensure that each veteran doesn’t just receive support but receives the right support, perfectly aligned with their unique circumstances and aspirations.

Furthermore, these assessments aren’t a one-time event. We regularly revisit and update our evaluations, recognizing that needs and circumstances can change over time. This iterative approach ensures that our support remains relevant and effective, adjusting to the evolving journey of each veteran.