How We Help

At Homeward Bound Adirondacks, our commitment to supporting veterans extends beyond traditional means. Recognizing the profound challenges many veterans face, we’ve developed a multifaceted approach to their well-being. Our suicide prevention initiatives aim to provide immediate intervention during the most critical times, while our nature retreats offer veterans a therapeutic escape, allowing them to reconnect and find solace in the natural world. Through peer mentoring, veterans can share experiences, fostering understanding and mutual support. Our crises outreach ensures timely assistance in urgent situations, and our thorough screening and assessments help tailor our services to the unique needs of each individual. Beyond immediate needs, our case management system ensures that veterans are given the prolonged support and guidance they require. We further ease the process by providing linkage and transportation to essential services, and our referral services ensure that veterans are connected to external resources that align with their specific needs.

Nature Retreats

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