Notice to Contractors: Utility Building Construction

February 29, 2024

Homeward Bound Adirondacks invites sealed bids for the construction of a utility building at the retreat site located at 12901 State Hwy 30, Malone, New York. This project encompasses a range of tasks including site preparation and the erection of the building, which will feature a foundation, wood framing, insulation, exterior siding, installation of doors and windows, the assembly of pre-engineered roof trusses and roofing system, an in-slab hydronic heating system, a ventilation setup, comprehensive plumbing including drainage and water distribution systems, and a full electrical installation covering power distribution and lighting. Additionally, the scope of work includes external trenching for water supply from an existing drilled well to the new building, and the extension of underground electrical connections from an existing shed to the utility building. There is also the possibility of extending these underground services to the adjacent ADA Cabin Building Site, pending decision. Click here